Behind the Scenes of “In The Middle Of The Night”

In The Middle Of The Night is my most recent video on my YouTube Channel. It was written and shot within 2,5 hours and edited the next day.

The inspiration behind it? A match on Tinder. Yeap, you read it right, a match on Tinder. Dating Apps vary and Tinder itself is notorious for being the top hook-up app. HOWEVER, not all people on it are there for the sake of sex, rather than using it out of boredom due to the current CoVid-19 pandemic lockdown.

So basically, we were texting back and forth talking about inspirational quotes, not giving up on life, chasing our dreams etc - deep stuff indeed - when inspiration hit my head like a slap and turned on my idea light bulb.

I grabbed my notebook and just started writing whatever came into my head. It made sense from the start and just twice a little bit once I got to record the voice over. After the writing I took some really quick time to update my DJI Ronin S (also named Rony), got Sony too and just walked to the center of my village.

The footage is actually my hometown (home-village rather than -town), where I was brought up as a child. A lot have changed and a lot have stayed the same. Once I got there, I came across the new blood of the area, a gang of boys who get their motorbikes fixed at my dad’s workshop, so I got a random footage of them too (you can see them in the beginning of the video). Once they saw Rony they thought it was a random tripod and requested a photo. I honestly wanted to laugh so I bargained saying, I’ll get a video out of you with this (Rony) and I’ll take a picture of you with my iPhone. Both parties were in agreement so we went our separate ways. I shot places and objects, new and old and headed home to record the voice

The hour was already around past 2 am so I thought I should call it a night and start editing first thing in the morning an

d that’s exactly what I did. Although I finished editing quite quickly, I experienced some trouble

with the footage due to wrong shooting settings (that’s what you get when you rush things out of the blue). Thankfully, Vince saved my day, myself and my footage by giving me some pointers to identify the problem and was able to resolve the issue. Vince, if you read this, THANK YOU!

Fun Fact of the making: I had to record the voice over in the bathroom because of my dogs’ barking, only to come out to my dad’s surprised face asking me

“What were you doing in there with that (that being the mic)?”

“Recording, Dad” I answered but he kept looking at me as if I’m an alien.

I uploaded the video late last night so my parents still haven’t seen it, so I can’t comment on their reaction just yet. I might mention it later on.

That was all for shooting In The Middle Of The Night. I really do hope you liked it and if you did, please don’t hesitate to Like the Video on YouTube and Subscribe to my channel for more.

Thanks for reading this!

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Coco x

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