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Making the Nikos Giannios Portrait Video

Nikos Giannios is an international model with modeling agencies from New York, Mexico, Milan, London, Greece and Instable lining up to represent him. He is also a Brand Ambassador for various brands and a Fashion Editor while running his own business GiNik Shop.

Our portrait video took place in down-town Athens with Nikos collaborating with Marc Darcy Suits and Né En Août for the shoot.

Fun fact of the shoot was that our stylist, Olia Likou, had to be elsewhere on the day of the shoot so we did the whole styling from a distance. Talking about social distancing work before it was mendatory, or what?

Another fun fact was that our Make-up artist ditched us at the last minute so we had to go to a Mac Cosmetics store, in one of the busiest streets of Athens during the weekend. Not sure if I should call it a "fun fact" or a hectic last minute solution but Myriam, our Mac Cosmetics Make Up artist was a life-savior! Myriam and Mac Cosmetics Greece, WE LOVE YOU! (This blog post is not sponsored by Mac Cosmetics by any means, but I sincerely want to congratulate them on their service).

Nikos and myself shot a one-on-one video in the streets of Monastiraki area in Athens which led to this portrait video. It was quite a fun experience since everyone was looking at us, as if we were aliens.

It was great working with Nikos, and would love to work with him again in the future.

That was all for this week!

See you next week!

Coco x

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